We're Moving! New Studio Space in Downtown, Kent Ohio


Recently, I shared on social media that Hazelmade is moving into a new studio in historic downtown Kent later this summer. After working out of my home for the last several years and completely outgrowing it, this is huge. As the space is renovated and I prepare to move in, I want to include you in the process. So far, the story goes something like this:

In January, I sent a “Happy New Year” newsletter describing my hopes for 2021. A fresh studio with “lots of natural light and open space” and the chance to expand my team were part of my big plans. Shortly after, I heard from the owner of the building Hazelmade’s new studio will be housed in and plans fell into place. I’ll be honest; the journey was not linear. I had actually visited the ground level of the building a few years ago and decided that space wasn’t for me. During the height of the pandemic, I toured other local spaces and weighed pros and cons related to budget, shared entrances and common spaces and other new factors that came with these new times. It wasn’t until I later reconnected with the same building owner to see the upstairs that I found a beautiful space that felt just right.

It feels surreal to say that just halfway through the year my hopes are coming to life! It’s funny, Hazelmade has been my full-time job for eight years, and I have a 20-year career in design and illustration. But having this studio to look forward to makes my business even more real. Hazelmade always felt mine — my daily workspace was in my house. Now it’ll be a little more public-facing, not like a store, but a creative space where I can intimately gather people for workshops and events. Hazelmade now gets to become the thing I have always wanted it to be: a community.

Although the studio is still under renovation, there are a few features that I am SO excited about. I have all the pains that come from the many years I have stood hunched over sitting-height tables. My big splurge will be custom built, standing-height work tables with cubby storage underneath to make daily tasks both comfortable and efficient. There will also be an entire wall of built-in, adjustable shelving for storing my products. Other details I’d like to include are smart (and affordable!) cube shelving, textural fabric elements, a new sleek metal desk and a few plants of course.

The studio includes two brick walls, all original. They’re a little rough and worn, but I love the character they bring to the space. Paired with the freshly painted original hardwood floors and gorgeous light streaming in through all the windows, this space will soon be perfect once the renovations are complete.

My work spaces have evolved so much over the years. Before my husband, Charlie, and I bought our 1920s fixer upper in Kent — where I got two bedrooms and a section of the basement for Hazelmade storage (incredible!) — I worked out of wherever we were living or in affordable places that I could rent. When we lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, I had to pull my table out of a closet to get any work done. A friend and I later rented a basement bedroom which we turned into a shared working space. In Michigan, I got a whole bedroom with great window light to myself. Each space worked for me during the different phases of my business, but it feels necessary to expand and welcome a new commercial space with a lot of potential. Not only will this space look gorgeous and feeling inspiring, but it will offer the room we need to continue to grow.

Part of this growth is that the new space will allow me to safely hire a team to help package products and process orders. I’m excited to have fresh energy as my team grows. With more help for the daily tasks I hope to free up more of my time for sketching and illustrating and letting the creativity flow freely. Having more organization and room will also mean I can expand product lines. It feels so good to get to this point, and I’m thrilled to see all the ways in which Hazelmade will grow!

Thank you again for support. All these big changes would not be possible without your support. I’m not sure I can begin to express my gratitude, thank you for choosing Hazelmade for your homes, gifts and everyday moments. I will continue to share this adventure with you. Stay tuned for more…and the upcoming moving sale which is going to be the BIGGEST yet!

Susan Hazel
Owner + Illustrator

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Share your thoughts + email me at info@shopHazelmade.com for feedback, suggestions for future topics or what you'd like to see / hear more from Hazelmade. A very special thank you to Valerie Royzman for her incredible talent in helping me craft this piece.

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