Each product I create starts simply with pen, paper, and a hand-drawn sketch. I never start my drawing process with a product in mind; I let myself work freely and look beyond the final piece for my inspiration.

I pull my inspiration most often from nature. I spend time drawing from my garden right outside my back door, and in the winter from a cherished collection of vintage botanical books. I combine these sketches with color palettes and textures I find outside of my studio.

Next, I revise my sketches and play with composition using layers of tracing paper. This technique allows me to naturally move shapes and features around to form my designs. At this point, I move to the computer to finalize the design and prepare it for printing. 

Once the design is complete, I research papers, fabrics, and materials sourced within the USA. I test my products with attention to craftsmanship, quality, and durability before they are added to my line. I finish each product with environmentally friendly or minimal packaging. This matches the sustainable papers, fabrics and other materials I use in my process.

Whether experimenting with design, or testing a new material, I am constantly making sure my products are beautiful, thoughtful, and meant to last. As you enjoy them for yourself or share them with a loved one, I want to thank you for supporting Hazelmade.