The Blue Bouquet Collection

I have been busy packaging your orders, full of new products from my new Spring collections. Thank you so much for supporting the all that's new with this Spring release. This bright set of work, each collection with its own unique storyline, is really representative of the last year. I spent months working independently from my home studio. It was more isolated than usual, but it sparked inspiration for many one-of-a-kind illustrations. These collections are a true reflection of me and feel sort of like a time capsule. It means so much to see you appreciating these designs and cheering for Hazelmade.

The Blue Bouquet Collection

My new Blue Bouquet collection brought me back to my deep-rooted love of sketching florals, but these designs feel revived and youthful. They aren’t my usual big, flowy blooms, like the dogwoods and poppies featured in some previous work. Instead, these designs were born from many walks at the park this year. I spent a lot of time at Towner’s Woods Park in Kent, hiking through the pollinator field. Along with the bees and butterflies, I noticed so much variety in slender grasses and buds. There was an element of wildness, which I really wanted to shine through in my designs. So here are my versions of textured summer bouquets, dialed back to blues and greens to feel organic. These designs took a long time to perfect, and I initially played around with peaches and pinks, but I’m thrilled with how they turned out. The designs are available as an art print, four greeting cards (one design offered as a box set), a mini note set and a notepad. I hope you adore these blooms as much as I loved creating them.


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