The Summer Berries Collection

I have been busy packaging your orders, full of new products from my new Spring collections. Thank you so much for supporting the all that's new with this Spring release. This bright set of work, each collection with its own unique storyline, is really representative of the last year. I spent months working independently from my home studio. It was more isolated than usual, but it sparked inspiration for many one-of-a-kind illustrations. These collections are a true reflection of me and feel sort of like a time capsule. It means so much to see you appreciating these designs and cheering for Hazelmade.

The Summer Berries Collection

My new Summer Berries collection is especially meaningful because I’m sharing a little piece of my childhood with you. The three fresh designs — featuring blueberries, blackberries and strawberries with a mix of smooth and textured leaves and stems — take me back to summers spent filling baskets with fruit from our family garden in Geauga County. Sure, it was hot and humid, and we had to wake up early to pluck the juicy berries, but it was worthwhile when my mom would surprise us with sweet blueberry pancakes. It was such a treat. My memories spurred the highly requested fruit designs, and I wanted each berry to have its own look and feel. I hope you enjoy these designs, available as greeting cards, mini notes, a notepad and tea towels. 


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A very special thank you to Valerie Royzman
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