When I moved into the Hazelmade studio, I was excited about the opportunity to offer workshops and events in my community. I have always enjoyed teaching; I received a BFA in Visual Communication Design and continued my education through Kent State's fine art department with a focus on printmaking. I've taught design at KSU and a variety of guest workshops over the years. Teaching allow me to share my knowledge with others but also research new techniques and gives me a chance to practice using art forms that I enjoy but do not necessarily employ at Hazelmade. 

My workshop series begins in early Fall and extends through December. Sign up below to be the first to know when my schedule launches. Spaces often fill up quickly and are limited. Please see my policies and FAQs for more info.

I also offer private workshops for groups of 6 to 8. These private workshops teach a particular art form, such as block printing, letter composition, gift wrapping, or we can customize a class to your group's interests as well. In addition to learning a new skill, these workshops are a wonderful way for friends and family to gather to celebrate birthdays or reconnect in a relaxed, creative environment. If you are interested in private workshops, please email mePlease see my policies and FAQs for more info.